About Us
Bonita Springs Newcomers Club (BSNC) was established for women who are new to the area, open to meeting new friends and learning more about their community.  Membership requirements:
• Pay annual dues of $50.00 ($52.00 if paid by PayPal for renewals) . 
• Attend at least three (3) luncheon meetings during the calendar year, January-December
You will find Bonita Springs Newcomers (BSNC) is a fantastic women’s social organization with something for everyone. Our activities are organized and directed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. Our website includes the latest information about our organization and a calendar to track activities.
BSNC hosts a monthly luncheon on the third Thursday of the month. At the first luncheon you attend, you will be seated with other new members and given an orientation to our organization. At each luncheon, members can donate to that month's designated Bonita Springs charity through our Acts of Kindness program.
We are ready, willing and eager to help you enjoy our wonderful lifestyle in Bonita Springs and our surrounding communities.

History of the Bonita Springs Newcomers Club
The Bonita Springs Newcomers Club was founded as a social club in 1989 by Jean Bittner. She and Bobbi Signs saw a need, publicized the formation of the club in the Naples Daily News and in the Bonita Banner, and the first monthly luncheon was held at McCully’s Rooftop Restaurant in Bonita Springs on June 15, 1989. Thirty-four women attended that first luncheon.
Jean Bittner became the Organizing Chair for the group, and Bobbi Signs became the Vice Chair of Membership. The club was open to any woman “interested in getting to know other recently settled area residents and to share in a variety of interesting activities.” The group objective in the first constitution for the club stated, “The objective of the club shall be social, affording newcomers a chance to make friends.”
The group selected their first board in 1989, which included a President, First Vice President (for luncheons and membership), a Second Vice President (for activities and to replace the President in her absence), a Recording Secretary, and a Treasurer. The first By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation for the club were approved on December 12, 2002.
Activities continue to evolve and expand based on member interest.

Mission Statement
The Bonita Springs Newcomers Club is designed to provide a forum for women who are new to Bonita Springs to meet people, facilitate new friendships, have fun, and become familiarized with our community.
The Corporation is organized and operated exclusively for social, charitable, and educational purposes. Membership is limited to women who reside in Bonita Springs.
Bonita Springs Newcomers offers every new female resident the opportunity to make wonderful new friends while becoming an integral part of the greater Bonita Springs community.